WordPress Plugins to Increase Blog Traffic

Posted on January 22nd, 2011

Getting traffic to your blog is perhaps the most important aspect for any blogger. Some of the plugins which are used to increase blog traffic are as follows.

1. Tell a Friend – WP-Email

This plugin allows visitors to recommend your blog post or page to a friend via email.

2. Subscribe to Comments

Your visitors simply check a box under the comments field which allows them to receive an email notification whenever further comments have been added to the post.

3. Random Posts Plugin

Displays a list of random posts from your blog at the end of a blog post encouraging readers to stay on your site.

4. Similar Posts

Displays a list of related posts from your blog at the end of each post. This encourages readers to stay on your site.

5. Recent Posts

Displays the most recent posts from your blog.

6. Digg Plugin

Allows you to add a Digg style icon button to each blog post encouraging readers to Digg your post.

7. Share This Pugin

Allows your visitors to add your blog post to social bookmarking and networking sites. You can see how this works by clicking the Share This link at the bottom of this post…and while you’re there why not submit this post to one of your favorite sites…hint, hint!!

8. Sociable Plugin

Works in a similar way to the ‘Share This’ plugin  by allowing visitors to submit your posts to their favorite bookmarking sites.

9. All in One SEO Pack

Optimizes your blog for the search engines making your blog posts and pages easier to find and rank.

10. SMS Text Message Plugin

Your visitors can enter their mobile number in a sidebar widget and be sent updates via SMS when your blog has been updated.

11. Increase Sociability Plugin

This plugin recognizes when a visitor has arrived via Stumbleupon or Digg and provides them with a nice reminder to encourage them to vote for your post.

12. Subscribe Remind

Places some text at the end of each blog post reminding visitors to subscribe to your RSS feed.

13. What Would Seth Godin Do Plugin

Works in a similar way to the ‘Subscribe Remind’ plugin but has some added functionality. In that it uses cookies to distinguish between first time visitors and regular visitors. You can create messages to add to the top or bottom of blog posts and first time visitors can see one message whereas regular visitors can see something entirely different.

14. Top Commentators Plugin

This is a great plugin for encouraging repeat visitors. Readers that leave the most comments get their link displayed in the sidebar of your blog. As the ‘no follow’ tag is removed the reader gets full credit for their link.

15. Comment Relish

This plugin sends out an automatic email to any new readers to your blog thanking them for leaving a comment. This is a great way to get return visitors. You can customize the email any way you like.

16. Dofollow Plugin

Creating a dofollow blog can often bring in traffic. This plugin strips the nofollow tag from blog comments.

17. Lucia’s Linky Love Dofollow Plugin

Another dofollow plugin but this one is slightly different in that it allows you to remove the nofollow tag after a certain number of comments have been left by a reader. You can set this to anywhere between 3 and 10 posts.

18. Google Sitemap Generator

This will generate a sitemap for your blog which will help Google find and index your blog.

19. Add to Any Subscribe Button Plugin

This allows your readers to subscribe to just about any type of RSS feed.

20. Ultimate Tag Warrior

This allows you to tag your posts which are picked up by blog search engines, thereby helping to increase traffic.

21. CommentLuv

This plugin finds the last post by the person who left the comment and displays a link to that post under their comment. Usually, used in conjunction with a dofollow type plugin.

22.  KeywordLuv

When someone leaves a comment on your blog they can also get the benefit of a keyword link in the title. The site uses examples, which explains it better than I ever could.

There are just many great plugins that allow you get maximum use from your blog.