tips for creating high quality WordPress themes

Posted on June 25th, 2011

list of some tips every WordPress theme developer should know and apply in order to create top-notch quality themes.

  • Respect HTML and CSS standards

HTML, XHTML and HTML5 code can be checked on theW3C website. The W3C also have a free tool to check your CSS coding, althought with the rise of CSS3 and its vendor prefixes, it is pretty hard to obtain a 100% valid stylesheet.

  • Respect WordPress coding standards

the coding convention forbids to use PHP shorthand tag

  • Importance of wp_head()

Within the and tags of most WordPress themes, you’ll find a function named wp_head(). This function may look useless to newcommers, but it is extremely important: Many plugins use this function to “hook” code in WordPress header. Without this function within your and tags, lots of plugins will not be able to work.