New tools to make to most out of Twitter

Posted on June 10th, 2011

1. TweetAlarm
Google Alerts for Twitter. Want to see who is mentioning your name, brand or area of interest on Twitter? Then TweetAlarm is your answer. Set up as many search terms as you want, and get a convenient report delivered to your inbox.

2. Buffer

Tweet without flooding your followers. Buffer is helpful if you like to share many blog posts in a day. Throw them at Buffer at any time, and Buffer will space them out throughout the day. You also get analytics for Buffered tweets, such as for clicks, retweets and reach. (Full disclosure: I work for Buffer.)

3. My6Sense
This new tool is something else. My6Sense gives you a stream of updates from your Twitter account and other social networks, but only the items that interest you. How does it do that? By monitoring your clicking behavior and refining the stream accordingly.

Full analytics for your Twitter account. Have you wondered whether there is a Google Analytics just for Twitter? Well, look no further than TwentyFeet. It offers a ton of interesting graphs about your followers and tweets, displaying and explaining your activities on the platform.

Get rid of unwanted followers. Are you being followed by too many people who you have no connection with? With ManageFlitter, you can unfollow everyone who doesn’t follow you back or is inactive or is a loudmouth.