Mannual for Nextgen gallery

Posted on February 11th, 2011

Nexgen gallery:

The “NextGEN Gallery” is a fantastic gallery plug-in widely used in the wordpress blogs.

Hopefully this is a greatest plug-in for WordPress. It’s named “NextGeneration” to echo the development of game consoles. Hopefully you can see how it exploits some of the tremendous possibilities of JQuery and AJAX/Web 2.0 technologies. Before I started writing the plugin I studied all the existing image and gallery plugins for WordPress.

NextGEN Gallery is a full integrated Image Gallery plugin for WordPress with a Flash slideshow option.

Demonstration / Example pages

Here are some examples of a integration into a running WordPress blog. I’m not responsible for the content, but you can see the NextGEN Gallery plugin live in action.

Example of a integration into the header :

Installation of this plugin

Unpack the zip file and upload the content into the folder wp-content/plugins/nggallery (the WordPress plugins folder).                      Note : Do not change the folder names.
For the slideshow, you also need the free (for personal use) JW Image Rotator from Jeroen Wijering. Download the player from the website and upload it (only imagerotator.swf) also into the NextGEN gallery folder. Now you can activate the plugin.

Video tutorial

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Live Preview of the image gallery

Overview / Functions

  • Sortable Albums : Create your own sets of images
  • Upload a Zip-File with pictures : Upload pictures in a zip-file (Not in Safe-mode)
  • Watermark function : You can add a watermark image or text
  • JavaScript Effect: Use any available popular image effect : Thickbox, Greybox or Lightbox
  • Multiple CSS Stylesheet : Use a nice shadow effect for your thumbnails with your own CSS file
  • Slideshow: Full integrated flash slideshow
  • Sidebar Widget : Show a random picture at your sidebar


  • WordPress 2.7.x or above
  • PHP 5.2 or higher
  • GD 2 Library
  • Freetype Support (for Watermark)
  • Safe-Mode Off (for more function)
  • Memory limit should 16MB or more

Some screenshots for the implementation of the Nexgen gallery

After installing the plugin, you can see the “Gallery” pane in the admin panel.

1)     Click Add Gallery/ Images.

2)     In the page, enter a name for the gallery. (Eg: Test gallery)

3)      Then click the “Upload Images”. And upload the images want to show in the slideshow.

4)      Select the gallery from the dropdown menu (here it is: Test gallery)

5)      So we have uploaded images for the gallery “Test gallery”.

6)      Now we can use the same gallery between the posts and page contents.

7)      And then publish the post/page. The gallery will be shown in the post/page.

8)      We can manage gallery through the “Manage Gallery” option in the “Gallery” pane.