Google Analytics

Posted on January 23rd, 2011

The Google analytics is one of the powerful tool which is used to check the website traffic status. It is free to use and just what we need to have is, we need to create a Google account. We can able to login to the Google analytics by using this id through the URL

Let’s look deeply how to implement the Google analytics with our website.

  • Click the “Access Analytics” button in the page.

  • Click the “Signup” button.
  • Then enter the website URL and a name for the account. Select the country. And click “Continue”.

  • In the next page, enter your last name and first name. Then select country’.
  • Agree the terms and conditions, and click “Create New account”.
  • In the next page, you will get a script. Copy the script and paste it immediately after the <body> tag in the source of the wordpress. Or you can copy the code after the <body> tag of the every html files in an static site also.
  • Click “Save and Finish” button.

That’s it! The analytics data will now be displayed in the dashboard of the “Google Analytics” page.

Now you can view the number of visitors and which are the countries from where the visitors resides.