Dashboard Widget Customization

Posted on March 19th, 2011

The dashboard is the first screen presented to registered visitors when they visit WordPress administration (/wp-admin). Tailoring the dashboard to a client can be the difference between a great first impression and a confused one, particularly if the theme customizes the administrative experience.

The dashboard is comprised of a number of widgets that can be repositioned and toggled using the “screen options” tab. WordPress has a hook – wp_dashboard_setup – that can be used to customize the dashboard widgets, as well as a function – wp_add_dashboard_widget – that allows developers to easily add new widgets.

The WordPress codex documents the process of adding and removing widgets.

Here is a practical use case based on that documentation: let’s remove all of the default widgets that don’t pertain to managing a typical site, and add one simple widget that welcomes the administrator and reminds them how to contact the developer for support.

add_action('wp_dashboard_setup', 'my_custom_dashboard_widgets');

function my_custom_dashboard_widgets() {
global $wp_meta_boxes;


wp_add_dashboard_widget('custom_help_widget', 'Help and Support', 'custom_dashboard_help');

function custom_dashboard_help() {
echo '<p>Welcome to your custom theme! Need help? Contact the developer
<a href="http://mytemplates.com">here</a>
.<a href="%E2%80%9Dhttp://mytemplates.com%E2%80%9D"></a>