Changing image width automatically

Posted on April 16th, 2011

The point of setting image size automatically is at the media in the admin menu. Please do through the following steps for the same.
1. On the left side menu click [Settings]> [Media].
2. Then shows up menu ‘Media Settings’.
3. In the Image Sizes in the ‘Large size’ give the value of Max Width and Max Height without (px) to fit the page width behind your posts. If you want the image height automated follow the wide image, blank column Max Height.
4. If you want also for videos from YouTube width according to the post page, give a check mark √ in the ‘Enable auto-embeds’. And give value to the column width and Height without (px).
5. Then click the [Save Changes].

After all you do the settings like above, the you can use it in your post or page. Everytime you insert a picture in your post, you don’t have to change image width and height, although its size is very large. Because after the publishing your post, the image will automatically resize according to the value of your contents.